Many organizations invest in diversity training without reaching the desired results. In fact, when conducted in a vacuum of leadership support for diversity goals and related candid conversations, a number of studies have reported negative impacts and reactions to DEI programs and training. We integrate leadership coaching and change management as DEI tools to help colleagues across organizations collaborate and invest in accomplishing shared goals.

  • Candid Conversations: Beyond Unconscious Bias Training
  • Collaboration Between C-Suite & DEI Offices
  • Leadership Coaching as a DEI & Mentoring Tool


With professional backgrounds in business, law, government, and academia, Kate and Larry have deep experience partnering with organizations and leaders to expand their capacity to analyze and address challenging issues outside their comfort zones, creating strategies and practical plans that lead to improve outcomes.

Also experienced coaches and facilitators, they are practiced in the art of meeting each client where they are and helping them envision where they want to go, identify what is getting in the way, and co-create a path forward, navigating and overcoming obstacles to successfully accomplish goals.


Americans—even prior to Covid—have come to live our lives in bubbles among people similar to ourselves. At the same time, developing individual relationships across differences has been found to be the most powerful factor in reducing assumptions about people unlike ourselves. The leadership coaching profession itself has work to do on inclusivity.

We continue to be surprised at large gatherings of coaches that include few–and in some instances no–people of color. Management consultants and facilitators have only slightly better representation at the leadership levels. We have designed this initiative and recruited our team with that in mind.