Leadership Coaching

No one likes to be uncomfortable.  Many well-intentioned leaders have consistently remained silent in conversations where issues of race come up due to a discomfort speaking about the topic.  At the same time, they may not have been aware of the extent to which others are having to manage their own discomfort in the workplace on a daily basis.   Recent events have made clear that leaders can no longer remain silent.    Coaching offers leaders and organizations a powerful tool to more nimbly move from thought to action.


  • C-Suite Executives
  • Directors
  • Senior & Mid-Level Managers
  • Front Line Leaders

Group​s & Teams

  • Executive Teams
  • Departmental Units
  • Working Groups
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s)

One-on-One Coaching

​Managing discomfort is hard work. Individual coaching specifically on issues of inclusion is a process that is tailored to each client, meeting them where they are without judgment. Executives and managers at all levels can develop skills and expand their capacity to build trust, have meaningful conversations, and interact with others in ways that make clear they belong in the room.

​Having a confidential forum in which to articulate ideas and goals, identify internal and external obstacles, express frustration, assess different perspectives, and consider lessons learned in response to big questions is often how mindsets shift, which can drive big changes.

A collaborative process between the coach and the client, coaching helps a client heighten awareness of how their words and behaviors are perceived by others, highlighting any contrast with their internal intentions and goals. Being able to identify unhelpful patterns and limiting beliefs that get in the way of demonstrating the best version of themselves can provide a catalyst for clients to take action toward a new level of performance.

Rather than re-hashing the past, coaching focuses on moving forward and what needs to change in order to do so. Making strategic changes coupled with expanding capacity to develop relationships across differences can result in a new responsiveness to the needs of an organization, new levels of inclusivity, and a leveling up of leadership performance.

Group & Team Coaching

Diverse groups only produce better outcomes when participants feel comfortable sharing their perspectives. Building relationships across differences is key to learning from one another, challenging preconceived notions, and developing innovative strategies to overcome complex problems.

Working with groups to help them operate and communicate effectively can take many forms and evolve over time within an organization. Whether or not DEI issues are explicitly on the agenda, they can impact the productivity of meetings professionals. We can help groups and teams identify what is getting in the way of using their time purposefully and move forward to focus on meeting shared objectives.

We coach C-Suite and other leadership teams around issues of racial identity, communication, and interaction in the workplace so organizational leaders as a group can not only “talk the talk” but “walk the walk” of inclusive leadership. These meetings provide an opportunity for senior leaders from across the organization to explore their peers’ perspectives on the reasons behind the lack of diversity among their ranks and collaborate on what they can do to change the situation. We coach the group as a whole as well as work with each leader of the team individually to help them “show up” as their “best selves” in discussing potentially volatile issues without shame or blame in order to get to the core of what can be done to improve the situation.