Our Approach 

  • I loved Kate and Larry’s approach — not at all coming from a place of judgment, but rather a place where we can learn and change.
  • I liked the engaged energy of the presenters and the “tell me more” approach to different comments
  • This felt a much better starting point than other presentations. It felt much more intentional and thoughtful.
  • I really appreciated that this session was a very thought provoking and growth oriented one, where others I’ve been to have seemed like DEI info sessions.


  • The engaging energy of Larry and Kate was contagious and I really appreciate the ability to interact during the training.
  • I have immense appreciation for the energy brought to the room and the forwardness in discussing challenging and sensitive topics.
  • Really good session. I think all of our employees were very engaged throughout the whole session.
  • This felt like a great launching point for shared language, introduction of topics, and it gave a lot of opportunity to self reflect and I loved that.
  • I loved the visuals and quotes.


  • So many great takeaways! One that has stuck with me and will be on my mind a lot moving forward is the idea that it’s not enough to be ‘well-intentioned’ we must work to be intentional, and that is how our impact and intent will match.
  • I took with me that I need to continuously evaluate biases that might be at play in my brain. To work more on this I am aiming to pause more after conversation/presentations for reflection.
  • Wonderful job, well done. I really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about biases and myself.
  • Good intro to concepts underlying unconscious bias. Reminder for me to slow down and question my reflex reactions.
  • This session helped me be aware of my own biases.